Top Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software

Managing calendars, spreadsheets, allocating staff and their shifts, and working up to change schedules constantly can consume a majority of the time that can be utilized in specific other work. The scheduling of staff should not be time-consuming, and thus, the use of healthcare staff scheduling software is one such way of efficiently managing the scheduling task.

The success of a hospital is determined by the optimal distribution of the healthcare staff hours. But the issue might arise when you consume more time on scheduling. Hospital Staff scheduling is one of the tiring and hectic and time-consuming tasks.

Essential Features of Hospital staff scheduling software

There are a series of factors and features to be overlooked while designing your healthcare staff scheduling softwareand these are:

Shift Management

The shift management feature of the software allows the employees to check in and check out, access the real-time schedules, exchange shifts, and others by allowing them to see and pick up open shifts. The managers can contact the employees to fill the openings. You get access to setting the system to automate scheduling tasks following the employees’ positions, skills, and expertise.

Employee Management

The software enables you to access all schedule-related data like employee database, list of locations, and employee availability. This data will assist you in creating a work schedule and organizing shifts across divisions and units in the hospital.


Time Management

Time management feature in the scheduling software is one of the most crucial features that shall ensure accuracy in attendance and timing. The attendance and time tracking feature and timesheet maintenance shall record the attendance and work timing of the staff. The software should also keep track of vacation and leaves and be able to manage time-off requests. Overtime tracking and alerts should also be taken care into account while you choose scheduling software.

Schedule Management

Schedule management can be one of the most critical factors of any healthcare staff scheduling software. Your designed software should be accessible for automated scheduling and manual scheduling that shall ensure that you can handle things in a composed manner and switch according to your convenience. Also, ensure that calendar view and multi-location healthcare staff scheduling should be a functionality of the module.

Payroll Management

Payroll Manager Bundle

The software should be able to incorporate the management of financial features of payrolls and schedules. The feature of Paid time off (PTO) tracking and Payroll export should be a part of the software’s management system. It can also include resource forecasting and real-time communication.


Hospital staff scheduling streamlines and automates the procedure of developing and managing employee schedules in the healthcare industry. Healthcare staff scheduling software allows hospitals to save time when setting working programs, save overtime expenditures, and provide a smooth experience for healthcare professionals.

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